About: Raitha Chethana Technologies Pvt Ltd

This is an organization where farmers get their fame to their hard work .

This is an process where vegetables, fruits, food grains are collected from the farmers field without the interruption of market dealers and the collected vegetables , fruits etc will be distributed directly to the customers .

The collected items will not be medicinized and moreover it will not be kept in stock over long period of time as soon as we collect items from the farmers it will be sent immediately to the customers , marts , grocery shops.

We assure giving a fresh and best quality of vegetables, fruits and food grains to the customers .

Customers can directly order their items  from the online without getting into the shop . there is no worry that we sell the stock items , we make sure that best quality that is brought directly from the farmers field will be sold out .

The prices of the items will not be given as our wish it will be given to the market prices . this method is truly helpful to the farmers .

We need to think of the customers health so we assure you that first grade vegetables, fruits and food grains will be given to you .

This is all about the Raitha Chethana Technologies Pvt Ltd